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Smart City

The world is entering a new, ultra-connected age.

In the new connected world, where everyone and everything becomes connected through data from billions of sensors everywhere, there is a renewed opportunity to enhance the way people live and work each day - to make the world more productive, smart, safe and sustainable.

This is what we call Smart City.


Cities today occupy just 2% of the earth surface yet are home to more than half of all the people in the world. By 2050, more than two-thirds of the population will live in cities. Urban areas are expected to absorb all the population growth expected over the next four decades while drawing in some of the rural population as well. Governments have to be challenged to find responses to the growing urbanization rate, climate change, global competition, budget constraints and the demand from citizens to actively participate in political decision making.

Thanks to the development of the intelligent technologies, urban expansion and sustainable development becomes possible. The implication of all of these changes are new ways for people to interact — and new potential services for cities to offer. The Internet of Things in particular will have a huge impact, not only functionally but also economically.


Smart cities use advanced ICT and IoT technologies  to make people’s lives more comfortable and convenient and deliver living apps that support innovation, economic and social development of cities. Convergent ICT and IoT technologies also help to prevent or minimize the risks and impact of adverse events including crime, accidents, environmental pollution and natural disasters. Sustainable city applications are intended to reduce the environmental impact of municipal operations, local businesses and everyday living, such as energy consumption and carbon emissions.

GTStar plays a role in smart city construction by providing an open IoT platform easy for multi-devices and applications integration relies on city-wide access network and cloud infrastructure. We also deliver devices and sensors, data collection, analytics and management services. Our goal is to deliver digital and connectivity to everything and make city life more smart and intelligent.


GTStar offers end to end IoT solution consists of networking, IoT cloud platforms and establishes an expandable eco-system for partners to integrate their applications and solutions for Smart City.

City Shared Network Infrastructure

GTStar delivers a secure shared network for aggregation and back-hauling of data communication by leveraging public networks e.g. mobile operators' network and government private networks with comprehensive security assurance.  This network infrastructure consists of LANs, WANs and different campus networks and provides city wide access, inter-operation and easy maintenance services and help city government eliminate duplicate infrastructure investment.

Converged Platform

GTStar is developing converged platforms for devices and applications  which provide extensible integration eco-system for application and solution partners and combine with cloud computing, AI, big data analytic and security assurance.

A city-wide IoT platform reduces operating costs and simplifies the collection, processing and management of big data by remotely managing millions of connected devices and sensors. It provides the necessary layers for connectivity management, application enabling and device management that is secure across all endpoints and enables the effective use of data and analytics that will create value for a city.

Security is always a challenge for any network and platform. This network based anomaly detection and prevention platform will provide a more secure and managed corporate IoT network with multi-layer protection for terminals, networks and clouds as well.

Eco-system and applications

There are thousands of smart applications provide services for Smart Cities. For example smart living applications include ultra-broadband connectivity, public WIFI, connected signage, event notification etc., smart CCTV with video orchestration and analytics, incident detection, crowd monitoring and control, environmental monitoring, building structural monitoring etc. for safe city and smart parking, transport management, smart lighting etc. of sustainable applications. All these applications could not be provided by any single provider. GTStar is happy to provide an open platform to setup an eco-system and collaborate with application and solution partners to provide diverse applications and help the management team of the cities make informed decisions through big data collections and analysis so as to make the cities more intelligent and smart.

Example 1: Smart manhole cover

Example 2: Smart fire protection

Example 3: Smart lighting

A fully integrated lighting system that connects informationand communication technology between multiple parties through the use ofreal-system and sensors.

Example 4: Smart parking


Horizontal heterogeneous platform enabling mass adoption of IoT applications:

• Multi access protocol and technology support: LPWAN, WIFI, NFC, PON etc.

• Delivers value beyond connectivity through richer experience and set of services to customers

• Scales by applying platform functionality across all verticals without building discrete solutions for each application

• Real-time transmission, high-efficiency processing and real-time presentation of massive data

• Ensures maximized value of analytics and managed data through end-to-end authentication, security, and privacy

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