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Market trends have been greatly changed in healthcare industry. According to the healthcare research, healthcare spending as a percentage of GDP is more than 10% globally and may increase quickly in the following years. Today the healthcare market continues to grow with an expected 4.3% annual spending increase globally over the next five years. And more importantly, the global population, age 60 or above, is expected to more than triple by year 2050 and chronic diseases (obesity, cardiovascular diseases, hyper tension etc.) are becoming persistent and wide spread challenging health systems strongly to meet increasing demand for drugs and treatments and their sustainability in the mid & long term.


The macro trends fuels four major issues that are impacting the healthcare industry in the coming years:

Challenges to the whole industry becomes more and more arduous while healthcare has been impacted by the developments in digitalization, mobility, cloud and IoT technologies. According to the consulting firm Asteres, the 5 most disruptive innovation in healthcare are:

These trends drive where GTStar can play a role in the industry transformation: bringing connectivity and communication services to these innovative services

- enabling  telemedicine

- Interfacing with AI , robotics leveraging API to connect to AI and bots


GTStar is going to help achieve three main goals by optimizing the care pathway to deliver better outcomes:


l Help patients get a superior healing experience

l Help administrative and clinical staff deliver timely, safe, efficient care

l Support secure and safe facilities connection to ubiquitous, reliable information for and optimized care pathway

GTStar provides a highly resilient communications and data network which supports easy accessibility, cost efficiency, quality infrastructure with a short response time.


Integrated Hospital Network

Integrated hospital network is provided by one Private Network for every department using a single network infrastructure, which will simplify network deployment and operations. This network infrastructure consists of core and aggregation equipment, access switches, wireless APs, and network management in which you interconnect all these different type of devices with their respective applications. iFab technology is used to automate the deployment and operation of the network. iFab automatically creates virtual chassis to simplify the operation. It automatically sets up the topology with the capability of self-healing. Also we create separate virtual networks to get secured and separated while they are all sharing the same physical infrastructure.

Real-time Communication System

Communications platforms must have a zero downtime, perfect redundancy and in many cases rolled out on each and every site to guaranty the best availability. The use of IP telephony across sites can reduce the carrier subscription costs for remote sites by up to 80%. To limit their footprint and cost further, they could also be delivered as software virtualized systems running on VMware. On the other hand, to simplify the management, the network management center should be centralized and placed into the data center; this can significantly reduce the communication network administration workload by up to 60%. Applications such as notification server and contact center may also be located in the data center.

Cloud-based Relationship Management Platform

A hybrid cloud-based relationship management platform that connects identities – which can be internal or external users, applications, processes or even IoT inside and outside the hospital or other healthcare facilities' borders. This platform helps to move towards an interdependent digital healthcare ecosystem.

This platform can be deployed in two models:

l Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

l Communications Platform as a Service (CPaas)

The second option is usually used in healthcare as the CPaas model communications Platform as a Service (CPaas) allows to augment existing applications such as medical software, e-concierge, task management, etc. with new communications and collaboration functionalities, rather than adding an extra separate client on top of existing ones.

Single Network Management System

Along with the benefits of using a single network infrastructure supporting a Private Network for every department instead of a physical network infrastructure for every department, comes the benefit to use a single network management system.This enables user and device access and management, backbone network and data center visibility and metrics, all on a single platform. With advanced Smart Analytics, you have a view of the network and how it’s being used, to enable you to be more proactive about restricting or limiting access to certain applications, setting time limits for visitors, and securing patient information from prying eyes, that are not authorized to do so. You will even have the ability to plan for any network upgrades based on projected bandwidth utilization based on current usage patterns.

Typical Scenarios

Our solution will help the patients feel more comfortable in the hospital and help the doctors, nurses and administrative staff be able to access to digital data and collaborate with each other in an easy and secure way.


As the integrator, GTStar offers complete services:

Support Services: with contracts to proactively manage the products life cycles and move upgrade costs from CAPEX to OPEX

• Professional Services: with teams of experts to deliver bespoke developments, integrations or customization, as well as full project management, technical management, high and low level designs, migration plans, risk management etc.

Education Services: with a wide variety of engineering and user training courses, mentoring and coaching on all our solutions

• Managed Services: with the possibility to completely outsource the build & run activities of an entire estate, which is typically reserved for the very large groups


GTStar can help you optimize the care pathway:

l Regulations & Compliance – providing one secure, highly robust and reliable network.

l Superior Experience– optimizing the care pathway with a superior experience for clinicians, patients & visitors.

l Transformation & Digital Innovation –optimizing the care pathway by enabling the digitization of healthcare delivery.

l Cost Control & Predictability – with smart analytics, evidence-based predictability and flexible CAPEX/OPEX options.

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