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Oil & Gas

Oil and gas are important energy resources to human beings. The entire operation including exploration, drilling, transportation, refinement and storage is under a harsh and dangerous environment. Accidents can lead to major human, financial and environmental consequences, intrusions or terror attack can be catastrophic, loss of production has heavy financial consequences.



Oil and gas operators thus have strong demand to build up a comprehensive operation and security system rely on an integrated reliable communication infrastructure to improve their production efficiency, prevent accidents and minimize their potential loss in the entire business flow. GTStar provides professional ICT integration solution to oil and gas operators to fulfill their unique requirement of control, management and security protection. These technologies provide the flexibility, scalability, predictability, and resiliency needed to enable secure and real-time connections and for mission-critical applications that enable big data communications for more efficient extraction of hydrocarbon from more fields with more safety.


The solution consists of 4 types of principal subsystems:

l Backbone networks

l Communication systems

l Safety & Security systems

l Control & Monitoring systems

Solution Detail

Reliable Network Infrastructure

As most exploration and production activities take place in remote areas and offshore, dependable communications with HQ are imperative – for business and safety reasons. Fiber optic cables form a self-healing ring network as the backbone to transport services such as calls, video conference, surveillance, SCADA etc. The microwave can be the secondary links for these services. A high-performance VSAT network will act as the final safe guard for key services such as SCADA and real-time monitoring in case of fiber optic fiber and microwave fault to fulfill the critical demand of business continuity and disaster recovery for oil & gas operators.

Multi-service Communication Network

PSTN, Radio trunking, VHF, IP PBX, video conference will be integrated to provide voice and data interconnection  services to support daily communications, routine inspections and emergency response and dispatch work.

Comprehensive security and safety

The security and safety solution provides the protection for oilfields, pipelines, stations and refineries by integrating video surveillance (CCTV), Intrusion Detection System (IDS), Leak Detection System(LDS), access controland PA/GA systems and other smart applications.

Intelligent analytics function such as tripwire detection, intrusion auto-tracking, missingor abandoned objects and face recognition  to ensure oilfield and other keyareas safety. Real-time alarms prevent illegal personnel and vehicletrespassing by sending alert to the command and control center when triggered.

Multi-dimensional deployed long range PTZ cameras, mobile emergency terminals and drones improve the efficiency of the pipeline surveillance and routine inspection work to ensure the long distance pipeline safety.

Different amounts of infrared radiation are collected by the sensors and formed into a thermal image. Thermal images include temperature information and special algorithms can be used to calculate exact temperatures in the image and provide powerful facility damage, overheating and fault detection functionalities.

Two important security subsystems IDS (Intrusion Detection System) and LDS (Leakage Detection System) are widely deployed in oil and gas industry:

Various types of sensors such as vibration fiber, pulse electronic fence, infrared shooting and microwave are used to detect any of illegal intrusion of people and vehicles to ensure the safety of the long distance pipeline and perimeter areas as well.

l Detection range: <50km

l Position accuracy: 50m

l Intelligent intrusion identification: illegal entering, theft, vandalism

l Real-time positioning and alarm

l Audio/Video linkage and  alarm linkage for security personnel

All these intrsion alarm systems are linked with video surveillance system (CCTV) to provide quick video views of on-site intrusions.

LDS is used to monitor the leakage of oil and gas and generate realtime alarms to the control center by using dedicated sensors to perceive the changes in temperature, pressure and flow velocity of the oil and gas in the pipeline.

l Detection range: <50km

l Position accuracy: 2m

l Temperature accuracy: 1℃

l Rapid detection of oil & Gas leakage

l Real-time alarm

l Audio/Video linkage and  alarm linkage for security personnel


l Optical network + VSAT emergency network forms a reliable and additional security transmission backbone network with 99.999% availability for uninterrupted operations

l Integrated multimedia communication converges voice and data communication to enable analog & IP telephony, fax, email, video conference, radio trunking services and all the systems can work together seamlessly for high efficient collaboration.

l Advanced intelligent application and HD visual security system ensures the security of stable operation of the entire business.

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