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VSAT Network Integration

Satellite communication is a good choice for global distribution and transmission of voice, video and multimedia data. Since 1980s, VSAT technologies and networks have been widely used to provide high performance, reliable and cost-effective communication services via satellites for government and specific enterprise applications.

GTStar provides comprehensive VSAT solutions designed for all-weather environment forgovernment, telcos and vertical markets covering standard earth stations,flyaway stations, SOTM stations, DVB broadcasting systems and other integrated application VSAT systems by integrating the full spectrum of satellite communication products, platforms and systems from our global  partners.


Thanks to its agility and scalability, the VSAT network can be deployed in star, mesh or mixed topological structure. And with the integrated network managementsystem (INMS), the VSAT provides every application with appropriate resourceand ensures appropriate usage with QoS management.

A typical VSAT network (mixed topology) is constructed with a Hub station, remote stations and some mobile terminals (SOTH/SOTM).

l C, Ku andKa band supported

l Voice, video, data services over SCPC and TDM/TDMA

l Unique data acceleration and comprehensive IP routing capabilities to support enterprise-related features

l Integrated network management fully support a variety of fixed stations and on-the-move terminals

On-the-move platform integration

Some service requirements are driving the surge in demand for communication on the move. From government emergency response to news gathering,from cruise liners to fast speed trains. Satellite communications are the most cost-effective way to ensure reliable connectivity on moving platforms. GTStar offers SOTM solutions by integrating specially designed antennas and other satellite communication components on platforms e.g. a vehicle or a commercial vessel to meet the requirement of each application and service which needs communication mobility.

Maritime SOTM

l Light weightand non-corrosive carbon fiber antenna plane.

l 4-axis stabilized structure with gimbal design solves the zenith paradox occurring inlower latitudes area at high reflector elevations.

l Gradient tracking algorithm enables shorter geometric path for each axis movement, reduces the acquisition time and improves the tracking accuracy to ensure thequality of the connectivity.

l Integrated fiber gyro based inertial navigation system (INS) plus GPS enables a precise attitude measurement of the vessels during dynamic conditions

Vehicle-borne SOTM

l Low profile antenna with high gain suited to various types of vehicles

l Converged INS/GPS/Beacon measurement and control algorithm to ensure the satellite signal re-acquisition in a fast way under any harsh circumstances.

l Integrated terminals and applications enable always-on connectivity and uninterrupted multimedia services with almost no disruption in the users experience.

Typical Scenario

Our satellite solutions provide a flexible way to extend connectivity on demand anywhere  especially in the scenarios of global enterprises' business continuity, government emergency response & public safety, remote connectivity & disaster recovery of mobile network etc. We offer end-to-end VSAT solutions to help you deliver superior high quality connectivity and customer experience at an acceptable price.

Cellular Backhaul and backup             Oil & Gas                   Emergency Response              News Gathering


GTStar technical team is committed to providing professional services in network design,installation, testing, retrofit, maintenance and customer care areas. Our services cover all stages of the satellite network life cycle and are all about maximizing the business value of your investments in your networks.

  • Designing
    l Requirement analysis
    l Link budgets calculation
    l Parameter revision
    l Network design
  • Installation& testing
    l Site survey and assessment
    l Factory trial and alignment
    l Civil works
    l Implementation and test
  • Maintenance&Customer care
    l Operation monitoring
    l Network surveillance
    l Remote and On-site technical support
    l Training

In addition, GTStar provides other services incl. relocation, replacement, retrofit and repairs as per request.


l Expand high speed networks with ease where terrestrial infrastructure is impractical

l Fast and on-the-move broadband connectivity for mission-critical emergency activities thus save time and save lives

l Reliable and high performance communication for real-time, business-critical applications and ensure the business continuity

l Flexible,scalable and easy-to-maintain solution helps to reduce the TCO compares with vulnerable terrestrial and submarine infrastructure


As a system integrator, GTStar has established extensive cooperation relationship with partners. These  providers in satellite communication industry provide products, tools and systems including antennas, LNA/LNB, BUCs, modems, terminals, HUB systems and network management systems and help us to provide professional integration solutions to the different customers in various domains and sectors.

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