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For Digital Synchronization Network

MSC-D is an intelligent, easy maintenance,  easy manageable Synchronization Supply Unitfor the communication network. It can be used as primary reference source or nodeclock for digital synchronization network.

Key Features

l Type II (Stratum 2E) compliance @ input signaltype E1 or 2.048MHz

l Type I (Stratum 1E) compliance when tracing GNSS (GPS/GLONASS/BD) signal

l Redundant configuration

MSC-D uses a 6U industrial standard 19 inch main shelf with the entire configuration of two power supply boards, one system control board, two clock boards and six output/input/time boards. And MSC-D can be configured with expand shelf consists of two power supply boards, one system control board and ten output boards.

Main shelf front view:

Expand shelf front view:

l Two power supply board can be used as 1+1 operation mode or 1:1 operation mode

l System control board provides remote control access and local maintenance access, and also provide alarm signal by sound and vision

l Clock board is core module of MSC-D, for the access of reference source and tracing clock, holdover function, and work in 1+1 mode

l Output board can be set to output 2.048MHz signal or E1 signal


l Can be used in Digital Exchange、DXC system、SONET and SDH system

l Provide high stability, high precision clock for the railway or subway communication network or other special communication network


l Specifications: G.811, G.812, GB/T 7611-2001(CN),YD/T 1011-1999(INT)  and YD/T 1012-1999(CN)

l Holdover on Quartz: <1E-10 (+5.16E-11*)

l Holdover on Rubidium: <1E-10 (-2.7E-12*)

l Precision when tracing GPS: <1E-12 (+6.27E-13*)

Communication Module

l Interface: RS-232 serial port (RJ45) x1, Ethernet port (RJ45) x 2, for local monitor and maintenance

Antenna System

l Type: GPS / (GPS/GLONASS) /BD(Chinese navigation system)

l Gain:37DB/45DB/27DB(40/50DBoptional)

l Feeder: 8D-FB cable include N-type orTNC-type connector

l Resistance: 50Ω

l Feeder Length: should add signal enhancerwhen exceeds 80 meter


l Input QTY:

Each MSCB Module has:Satellite Input Port x 1,  E1 or 2.048MHz Signal Input Port x 4

Each MSIB has 8 Channel(4\6\8 Channel optional) E1 or 2.048MHz signal input port

l Antenna Port: N-type connector for GPS or BD, TNC-type connector for GPS/GLONASS SMB/75(E1 or 2MHz)


l Output Quantity: Main shelf 60 channel 1+1or 1:1protected output, Each Expand Shelf support 100 channel 1+1 or 1:1protected output, support 1 to 3 Expand Shelfs.

l Max. 360 channel output when fullconfigured

l Each Output Module provide 20 chnannel outputsignal, signal type can be set to E1 or 2.048MHz

l Output Port:75 ohm coaxial、120 ohm twisted pairwire


l Each TimeModule Support 1 NTP in, 2 DCLS (TTL or RS422) in

l Each TimeModule Support 8 NTP out, 2 (RS232+1PPS)out, 2 IRIG_DCLS out