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MPT Network Optimization / Myanmar

MPT is one of the largest telecom carriers in Myanmar that provides voice, data and value added services to the public both in fixed line and mobile network. with continuous upgrading and migration of the network, common problems arise. GTStar provides network optimizing services to MPT to improve the communication quality of its mobile network and reduce the customers' complaints by performing simulation, drive test, data analysis and optimizing engineering in both urban and rural areas, roads and some special districts e.g. university zones.


36 GSM sites, 36 U900 sites and 36 U2100 sites in this area. A drive test has been executed to make analysis on both GSM and UMTS voice and packet data services. After optimization, the quality of the services have been improved.

5 university zones where 28 colleges and universities located in have also been tested and optimizing engineering is being done according to the result of data analysis to improve the LTE coverage which is the No.1 complaint by the students and college staff.

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