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DGGT Satellite Telecommunication System / Congo Rep. of


Construct a mixed satellite communication network contains 5 main earth stations and hundreds of remote stations to act as:

l A backup for national DWDM network

l An international telecommunication gateway

l A special platform for dedicated services


Network topology

l Brazzaville,Oyo and Pointe-Noire forms a circle via bidirectional SCPC links to backup the DWDM network

l SCPC links between Oyo and Impfondo as the main backhaul

l Binkaroua as the international communication gateway and Oyo and Pointe-Noire act as backups

l TDM/TDMA system with the hub station located in the capital city of Brazzaville to support hundreds of remote stations

Main equipments used

l 7.3m and 9m C-band Antennas   VertexRSI (GD)

l RedundantLNB                          VertexRSI(GD)

l RedundantSSPB                         Advantec

l IP and IDRModem                      Comtech EFData

l DVB-RCSHub System                  Romantis



GTStar provides turnkey services i.e. requirement analysis, site survey, international procurement, factory alignment and test, installation, integration,on-site test and training.


l Reliable backup network for telecommunication services rely on national DWDM network provided by DGGT

l Easy and cost-effectively connect to core network for the areas which have bad geographical environment conditions

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