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TV and Radio Broadcasting by means of Satellite Telecommunication Systems / Uzbekistan

Nation wide coverage project of radio and television broadcasting in Uzbekistan started from year 2005.


l Radio andtelevision signal coverage through the whole country including the regionalrural area but the traditional cable network is impractical due to the geographical environment and the budget

l Delivery within a narrow time frame


GTStar deployed a satellite communication based solution covers one hub station located in the capital city of Tashkent, 394 remote TV stations and 376 remote radio stations.

Main equipments used:

l 5.6 Meter  C band antenna     Andrew

l 1.2 Meter  C band antenna     VertexRSI

l 1+1 400W SSPA and LNA       VertexRSI

l TDM DVB Modem                   ViaSat

l INMS                                    GTStar


l Cost-effective solution to achieve the national coverage of the TV & radio broadcasting including the regional rural areas where terrestrial infrastructure does not reach to

l Full DVB-S complied, easy to expand without any interruption to the existing system in the future

l Fast deployment, integrated monitoring and easy maintenance

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